Surveys / 2016 CEA Official Ballot
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The nominations have been announced, and now it’s up to you to vote for your favorite bands and musicians to determine the winners of this year’s Cincinnati Entertainment Awards (CEAs).

Greater Cincinnati acts from all musical genres active (new material released and/or regular gigging) from November 1, 2014 through November 1, 2015 were eligible for consideration.

Specialists in many facets of the local music community — from writers and bloggers to radio hosts and club owners — were asked to be a part of the nominating committee. Public input (via an online nomination ballot posted in November) resulted in a "long list" of nominees, which members of the committee received for their consideration.

Here are the basic rules: You don't have to vote in every category, but you're only allowed to fill out one ballot per valid email address. Ballots are monitored daily. We're cool with promoting and campaigning, but if we catch ballot stuffers, those votes will be immediately disqualified.

This year's ballot is divided into five sections. You can move between sections by clicking the "SKIP" button. Once you have finished voting in a section, click "SUBMIT AND CONTINUE" and you will be taken to the next section.

To submit your completed ballot, click the "FINALIZE MY BALLOT" button at the bottom.

To further inform and assist you in the voting process, links to artist/band profiles, as well as to social media and web pages,  have been provided by our partners at

The deadline for voting is Thursday January 21 at midnight.

Winners will be announced at the 19th annual Cincinnati Entertainment Awards party/ceremony/show on Sunday, January 31 at Covington's Madison Theater.